Week 1 Reflection

I like the different view points for this week’s essential question from my fellow classmates.  Emerging technology is an all encompassing phrase that describes a VAST array of materials, processes, and usable pieces in our everyday school day lesson.  The take a way for me this week is that there is too much emerging technology!  I know that I have used some in my teaching career, but as the same time I feel that I have not used enough.

The one piece of emerging technology that I have used throughout my career are calculators, both scientific and graphing.  It has been a “staple” in all my years teaching math at the high school level.  Several years ago, I wanted to expand my technological expertise by involving myself with online learning.  I am the math instructor of record for a prominent online company.  It has been a great experience.  An interesting facet of this endeavor is that although online courses provide an alternative to traditional classroom instruction, it is not for everyone.  If you are the type of student that is self motivated, thrives on challenges, and loves to work online, it is a perfect avenue to pursue.  This type of student is not the “norm” in education.  But is is a great program for students that fit this type of educational pedagogy.

I have a classroom set of Chromebooks at this time (for the moment), and I have always wanted to use these devices in my math instruction.  I tried to use them to access eBooks, but I’ve always felt that I was not using them to their full potential.  This is one of the reasons for pursuing an Educational Technology degree, so I can be more knowledgeable to use any technology to their maximum.  This first essential question has opened my eyes to the possibilities, especially the reading of the Horizon Report.  It was a heavy read, but it listed so many positive and great applications of emerging technology.

I look forward to a great experience in my courses to come.


One thought on “Week 1 Reflection

  1. Hi there! I also appreciated all of the perspectives on education and technology. What I noticed was that each of us are thinking about technologies and how we can incorporate them into our lessons and wondering what the impact might be. Just like your chrome books I have 6 iPads and 20 kids. I also have three laptops which are being replaced. I have 5 year old’s in my room so I’m pretty scared to break out the technology. To set up apps we have to go through a lengthy process and send it in to the tech department, usually takes two weeks and it’s just so complicated to be honest they collect dust! Part of taking this course is going to help me learn to not be scared! At least I hope.


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