Week 3: Reflection

After reading other peoples posts, I have never given much thought that a certain pedagogy is appropriate for certain grade levels.  I believe genius hour would be appropriate for any grade level K-12.  It can be modified and used successfully.  Flipped classroom would probably work for middle school through high school.  Students at that age group can be responsible enough to understand the mechanics and benefits of this pedagogy.  They would most likely have access to resources at home to use this successfully.  I know that some teachers at my school have tried flipped classroom, but have not talked to them about their experience.  I need to search them and find out their results.  MOOCs are the one, I think, would be used exclusively for high school students, and mainly for senior level students.  I think they offer the most flexibility, but students need quite a bit of structure, motivation, and independence to use this.  I am sure there are others students in lower grades that could benefit, but I see this as a pedagogy for mature students that can handle such independence.

I am excited to try genius hour this fall with my students.  I have already been receiving emails from A. J. Juliani about the course I signed up for to learn about and use genius hour.  I need to begin to learn how to use this pedagogy.  I believe it will allow me to tap into what my students are “into” and will probably give me some insight to strategies to incorporate in my math lessons.  I believe math is used everywhere, and if I know what areas my students are engaged in, I can utilize this information.  I have a feeling that students will be shocked that they can choose a topic of their interest to learn, and use time in class to do it!  But I need to be careful and learn strategies to keep students focused, engaged, and working during this time.  I hope it is successful.


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