Week 4: Reflection

I think that a maker space would be a valuable asset to students in school.  It appears that more and more schools are attempting to use their available spaces to accomplish this.  The next problem would be to supply the maker space.  Sounds like there are methods to accomplish this.  Anything from saving supplies, to getting unwanted supplies, to purchasing supplies.

The one issue I have with maker space is that we should not choreograph anything in maker space.  The idea is to let students experiment until something works.  Yes, collaborate with others, but teachers should not be allowed to help in any way.  Let students collaborate with other students.  If the purpose of maker space is to let students explore and experiment, let them!

I am still intrigued by a virtual maker space.  The idea of using technology and a program like Scratch would be great way to introduce maker space to students.  I will have to research and investigate more deeply into this.  I know one of the most frustrating aspects of programming is learning syntax, proper coding protocol, and it is vital to run a program without errors.  It appears that Scratch virtually eliminates this issue so students can focus on creating and expressing.  If I were to start some sort of maker space, it would be similar to this.

It was nice to hear that my classmates will try to create a maker space in their school this coming year.  I hope they are successful because it would benefit students greatly in their learning.  I need to stay in touch with them to monitor their progress.  I don’t think I could start this right now.  My schedule will be so busy this next school year.  I would like to start one in the future.

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