Week 5: Reflection

It’s been a fun week to find out the different Internet of Things (IoT) devices our class would develop.  I really think my life would be easier as a math teacher if there was a system in place that would grade and assess my students.  I could then focus on helping individual students that have more intense needs.  Technology won’t be able to help 100% of students, but I believe it would help a majority of them.  The rest can be grouped and assisted by proper scaffolding and individualized instruction.  I just found a website that has promise in the field of math education: computerbasedmath.org.  I need to do a little more research, but I know there is a way to transform math education to be more successful using technology.  Math is one of the few subjects, I believe, that would benefit the most by using technology as it’s mainstream platform.  With students needing individualized instruction, self-paced progress, and competency-based success.  I don’t think you can go wrong with using technology in math.

There are plenty of websites such as coolmathgames.com, Accelerated Math, and Khan Academy that already help students with math learning and practice, but there needs to be an overhaul of math education.  I think that my IoT design would be an integral part of that learning system.  It appears that when I discuss technological advances that would help in teaching math, it falls on deaf ears.  I have the feeling that other teachers believe that if such devices are utilized, there would be no need for them.  How wrong to think that!  You can’t eliminate the human experience, but you can use technology to benefit students’ individual needs.  Teachers would be a facilitator and private tutor for those struggling students.

It’s amazing there is a plethora of IoT devices on the market now.  Educational institutions need to synthesize it.  As I noted in my essential question remarks, there is no marketing category for education, but education can utilize devices for its teachers.  It was nice to hear my classmates ideas for IoT device.  It was interesting to see that one of them happened to use my idea, but expanded it to be used in other content areas!  I saw a show once on TV that showcased inventors of history, and it was astonishing to see that major advances in a certain technology would have been invented at a later date by someone else if that initial person didn’t market it.  Or inventors made the same item at the same time!  Kind of makes you wonder about human history and advancements.  Are they predetermined, or programmed to come about at a specified time frame?

I was aware of “Internet of Things” devices, but wasn’t aware of the phrase itself.  It’s great technology and I hope we can use these devices in an educational setting.  Here is a glimpse of IoT that I came across doing research…

The June Intelligent Oven.  Watch the video and be amazed.

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