Week 6: Refection

This week’s assignment of actually supplying a maker space and funding the materials is making this classroom project a reality.  One of the questions I had before writing a response was to ask if this maker space is related to our proposed project a few weeks ago.  My project was making a pinhole camera.  After getting a heads up, I began brainstorming all the materials needed to actually build a pinhole camera.  My list was very comprehensive, but not exhaustive, and that was to just build a camera!  I can’t imagine the materials needed to “make” an assortment of projects.

I suppose the important aspect of creating a maker space and supplying it would be the intended projects.  My supply bin would not work for my classmates’ quilting maker space, and vice versa.  As we propose future projects, our supplies for our maker space would be increased to contain the needed materials for a specific new project.  For my maker space, it would be great to have materials for any photography project.  I could ask students to use artificial light to take photos.  In that case, I would have to include materials like candles, incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, LEDs, lampstands, electronic flashes, light stands, matches, electrical cords, reflectors, extension cords, flashlights, diffusers, etc.  The project list would go on, and so would the materials list.

Funding a maker space would be very challenging if the materials needed were expensive.  I could benefit from a 3D printer in photography, but is it needed?  That’s debatable, but it would definitely provide creative expression and usefulness.  Imagine the cameras students can build, or parts that broke that are no longer manufactured from suppliers that are needed for replacement, or maybe to make a tool, the reasons to acquire a 3D printer are endless, and valid.

With our reducing school budget, we need to be creative in supplying maker spaces so students can benefit from using one.  I’m glad was able to read about funding sources and avenues for supplying a maker space.


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