Week 9: Reflection

After reading other people posts, it was interesting to see that others would do quite a bit of the planning, coordinating, and executing “Maker Day.”  I don’t know if I took the easy way out by saying students should do most of the work, but since I am a high school teacher, it would make sense to have them do as much work as possible since they are capable.  I suppose I don’t have that elementary/middle school mentality.  It makes sense to have more duties and responsibilities as you advance in grade and age.  Younger students need assistance and guidance, especially K-3.

After some thought, I would have to say that I would be more apt to help coordinate a “Maker Day” with middle/elementary school teachers.  In fact, I remember reading that Sitka has something similar to a maker day and they involve all grade level teacher in the event.  I would be more comfortable with this type of scenario because of my inexperience with “making” in the class.  My involvement would most likely be in helping set up and monitor a coding station, and some fun physics activities like paper plane making, marble run, or Hot Wheels Physics. I believe our community would benefit most from a multi-school “Maker Day” than from a single school.  It would help provide a wide variety of fun maker activities for all ages.

I do have to say that I remember doing more “making” while teaching a science class in the past, than in math class.  I have had students make laminated paper planes that look like realistic aircraft that fly so much better than a single paper folded plane, rubber band powered cars made of card stock that had a propeller for propulsion, toothpick bridges that were tested to find breaking strength, and wooden boomerangs.  The one thing I haven’t done recently is teach coding, which I think is a great maker activity.

I wonder if what I currently do in my math classes counts as “making?”  I have students make perspective drawings, tessellations, fractals, line art, origami, and mandalas.  Those would be great projects for a maker day!  I suppose I do have students do some making in math class. 🙂

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