Week 10: Reflection

I have to be honest and say that I have not thought about combining crafting and electronics.  It was great to read Camille’s blog yesterday.  She stated that crafting with textiles is primarily a female endeavor, and electronics is a male endeavor, so marrying the two makes sense for females to get involved with electronics!  And after reviewing various sites, they do create some amazing things.

It was great to hear that my classmates were excited to hear about using e-waste for crafting.  We had a nice Twitter session to discuss this.  There is plenty of e-waste and good thing some people are creative enough to use it.  Someone pointed out that electronics are becoming disposable.  The lifespan of certain devices are short, and so it doesn’t take long for them to become obsolete.  What do you do with a non-functional tablet, or cell phone?  I remember decades ago that people were interested in e-waste for the gold embedded in motherboards and circuitry.  I have not heard of this reason currently, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still happen.

I believe if I was formally introduced to electronics as a elementary student, I would have enjoyed conductive ink, textiles, and tape along with the paper circuits you could create.  What a great way to learn about electricity other than learning to change a light bulb, replacing a light fixture, or installing new switches and sockets as an adult.  And you don’t want to make a mistake with that!  9v is more forgiving than 120v. 🙂

It’s great to be able to learn some science along with crafting.  It’s also awesome to live in today’s world that offers kids many opportunities to create in a wide variety of ways.  No disrespect, but so much for Lincoln Logs when I was a kid… 🙂

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