3D Printer Proposal

Here is a link to my emerging technology proposal.

Enjoy and please comment!


4 thoughts on “3D Printer Proposal

  1. I love you idea for the use of a 3D Printer to enhance what you are already doing in your classroom with Math and Art! Tessellations are so fun. I would be interested to see some of your creations. I also enjoyed that you had images to support what you are currently doing in your class but where you want to see it head. This I believe would help to “sell” your proposal as you are providing a product that they can see before the project even gets started. Nice Job!


  2. This seems just amazing. If I were a student in your class and I actually was able to make something like this, I would feel like I could do anything in the world that I wanted to. This seems like such an empowering type of project.


  3. All of your work this semester has had a direct link back to you classroom and your subject area. I think your funding proposal looks amazing! You could definitly submit this to your SB or admin for approval. Nice job on a lot of research!


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