One thought on “Coding Makerspace Project Proposal

  1. Hi Gerald,
    I enjoyed your makerspace proposal video, and it looks like you’ve got an excellent plan in place for getting a makerspace going at your school. I appreciate that your plan calls for a makerspace that is focused on coding. I agree that this is a skill that will greatly benefit students, and it is also one that I think they would be interested to learn about and motivated to challenge themselves to write more complicated code. I also appreciate the example you gave in your proposal involving the Pythagorean Theorem. You state that even though the codes might not all be the same, they could still accomplish the same goal. I love how you comment that this speaks to the creativity that can take place in coding. I also greatly appreciated hearing your Makerspace Mantra as well as an introduction to the Makerspace for Education and CodeMonkey websites. Good luck!


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