Week 7 Reflection

It has been interesting to read about other people’s views on how to instill in students, the qualities and characteristics that will foster success in school, and later in life.  One caveat for me is how do you do this?  Can you instill these characteristics in students that don’t already possess them?  I want to believe that it is possible for this to happen, but it is an incredibly difficult task, especially for students already in secondary school.  It’s difficult to change instilled behaviors, impressions, opinions, and achievement that have been the norm for a particular student that has performed subpar for years.  I think the one characteristic that will help these students is internal self-motivation.  Without this, I don’t think it’s possible.  I suppose it’s up to the teacher, parents, relatives, and anyone involved in a student’s live to change this mindset.  I truly hope that students have the resources in their lives for this to occur.

In the mean time, I think gamification is an opportunity to change a few characteristics of a 100 year-old education system that needs fixing in order for more students to succeed.  Gaming and this new view on education is a great marriage.  I believe we are all competitive to some extent, and we relish in success.  I look forward to increasing my knowledge in how we can create a gamified class.  I think the one characteristic that needs fixing right now in education is the idea that failing is wrong.  We need to change this attitude to failure is one step closer to success!  Gaming is great for this.  In fact, it’s expected.  I can’t think of a single game where a player is successful THE FIRST TIME.  You have to fail multiple times before your first success.  This attitude needs to become the norm in education too.  We need buy-in for this to occur, and I hope it does.

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