Week 2 Reflection

It was interesting to notice that Josie and another classmate made the comment that job satisfaction for teachers is at an all time low.  I, too, read an article about this statistic and started to think about how someone could report a drop, while another reported what I thought to be a very high satisfaction rate (91%).  That goes to show you that you can prove anything you want using statistics!  My 91% was a report of people that were very satisfied and somewhat satisfied, Josie reported 39%, but did indicate correctly that those were the people that were very satisfied only.

My heart went out to Sara, who is having some trying times where she is at.  I have been there and know how it feels to be in a location that doesn’t seem to fit.  It’s difficult to have some job satisfaction when you feel this way.  I mentioned to her that one of my favorite phrases from Dr. Marty Laster was “You need to let go, and move on.”  I can’t tell you how many times that simple phrase can release all the built up feelings that don’t get vented.  Not venting feelings is like a disease that will ravage you inside and out, and suck the life out of you.  As much as I like this phrase, my issue is that my memory is not all that it used to be, so I tend to forget some things, and so I don’t have a chance to build up some bad emotions that will get me down!  Not a bad side effect of age I suppose. 🙂

Tristan talked about burnt out teachers, Jule talked about teachers not embracing new technology.  It’s interesting to see how people react to change, or the lack of it.  For years, I have thought that as much as the graphing calculator has improved learning for students in the math class, there needs to be more.  I know I have written about how math education needs to change.  With so much emerging technology, you would think that it would permeate mathematics education.  Textbooks companies cling to the “old” ways of teaching mathematics.  I can’t believe we still have students graph functions by hand!  We need to be using graphing technology and other technologies to supplement real world problem solving in the math class.  I remember when I was in high school, one of the courses I took was a gifted and talented class.  One of the “classic” problems we were introduced to was how would you colonize Mars?  This is back in the early 80s!  We aren’t there yet, but I’m sure people have been thinking about it and planning it since then.  We need to foster this type of problem solving with students on a regular basis.  They are truly our future.

Assignment update:  My mentee is going to be a high school English teacher.  She would like to know more about how to use her Mimio in her presentations more than just showing videos/slide shows, and would like to learn Excel, and do more than just receive and edit Google docs from students.  This appears to be a full plate, but will probe to see what is most important for the moment.  There is quite a bit to plan for in any case!

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