Week 4 Reflection

What does the way you play have to do with embracing change and how does this impact you as a professional?

Almost all of the blogs I read had a nice description of what “play” was and how it’s nice to play as children and that we should play more often as adults, but I commented to Natalie and Tristan that I felt play had everything to do with solving a problem.  When I “play” with something, I am trying a new procedure or task, or tinkering with a tech device to fix it.  I don’t equate playing with learning, as so many of my cohort stated.  In fact, I commented to Tristan, “How is it we want to make a casual statement that playing will enhance learning?”  I do believe that play has some beneficial qualities, one of which may be learning, but I don’t think that is the main purpose of play.  When I “play” chess, for example, it’s not like a child “playing” during recess.  During chess, you are trying to capture the King, which may happen after a combination of “right” moves from which there are millions of combinations.  The solution to the problem is to capture the King.  This is how I view play.  There needs to be a solution to a problem.  Play gives me that.  I know this is probably a skewed definition of play, but it is my personal definition.  I appreciated the others view of play and how it impacts our profession.

Josie made a comment in her blog about loving Windows 7 and getting used to Windows 10 in her reference about technology.  I am getting really old!  I think that I have a unique perspective about technology over the years.  I was young enough to see the developments that technology has afforded over the years.  I remember when banks were going to start allowing “debit” transactions (that seems so commonplace now) or when any type of product was going to have a special UPC bar code for tracking, ordering, and pricing purposes, or more shocking still, I remember when the Internet was available to the public!  I remember telling my colleagues at the time, “I’m surfing the net!”, gesturing balancing on a board with my arms in the air. 🙂

In these technological times, for professionals that are supposed to utilize technology, it really comes down to “adapt or die”.  There is no subtle way to say it.  I try to stay up with technology advances, but there seems to be an exponential growth happening.  It’s more and more difficult to “stay ahead”, it is more likely that I can, “stay afloat” instead.  Which is not a bad thing, but it reminds us that we all need to be flexible and willing to learn new technology as often as possible.  I hope to do this…


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