Week 4 Reflection – Group Project

It has been a good week working with Heather, Cherie, and Chelsea.  First off, here is the link to our Prezi.  Our initial meeting was after our weekly Twitter session Monday evening, and here is a link to our Twitter session on Storyify.  There are four elements of differentiated instruction (content, process, product, environment) and the four of us decided which one we would like to investigate.  I don’t know if it happened by chance, or by force, but I chose product, Heather chose content, Cherie chose process, and Chelsea chose environment.  There was brief discussion about what type of public wiki to choose, Prezi or Google slides, and since I was the only one that didn’t know Prezi, I succumbed.  Which was not a bad idea, I always look forward to learning new software/apps.

Heather set up the Prezi presentation on her account, and since I didn’t have an account yet, I needed to create one.  It was a learning process because after Heather sent an email with a link to edit our Prezi, if we didn’t have an account yet, Heather had to send another invitation so we could edit the Prezi.  Sort of a glitch.  I had some learning to do to make our Prezi!  Not a difficult process, but new.  I think I was the first group member to almost complete my part of the presentation.  I had to learn about how to add text, resize, add new “slides”, and how to reorder them.  When we had a Hangout session on Thursday to go over our progress and determine our timeline for completion of the project, we decided that the Prezi should be complete by Saturday night.  There were issues with not hearing Heather during the Hangout, so we ended up using the chat feature.  At least it was a record of our conversation, which went very well again! (don’t know how to link to our session)

I admit that there were times that I felt confused.  Since we didn’t actually “talk” to each other during the whole process and relied on “texting”, there was some times I felt lost in reading other peoples’ responses.  For example, Heather was asking the group during our Hangout if we liked the “zoom” feature in Prezi.  I was asking myself, “What is she talking about?!”  I asked for clarification, and after some time elapsed, I understood.  There was also some confusion, on my part, about how to access our references document. Other than this, our group worked very well!  I have to be honest, there were times I felt “old”, but I think it really came down to not understanding terms and phrases others were used to.

I look forward to working with this group again this week!

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