Week 7 Reflection

Why are all five components of leadership necessary for success in leading through change?

I know I didn’t really discuss the five components in my initial blog, but I really felt it was a disservice to not discuss change theory first.  In retrospect, for change theory to work, there needs to be good leadership.  So I was a little premature in my omission of discussing the components.  I really enjoyed Natalie’s video explanation of one of the most important qualities a leader should have, and that is emotional intelligence.  I know it came from a Harvard funded resource, which led me to believe it is geared for business leaders, but none the less, a great set of qualities a leader should have when dealing with people.  In my comments to both Sarah and Natalie, I stated that business leaders and education leaders are really not the same animal.  They both have different ultimate goals.  How can we treat an educational environment like a business?

Andrea, I believe, has the most challenging duty of any teacher, that of being a special education teacher.  I applaud her and have great respect for these teachers that make life-changing decisions and are in leadership roles with their paras in their department.  Not only do they have responsibilities in their job, but can have life-altering effects with the students they help. To make matters worse, there is a legal aspect to her duties that can make it a nightmare if she doesn’t perform well in her job.  I think special education teachers already possess a few of those great qualities of a good leader and I think Andrea is no different!

Lastly, I commented to Jim that we have seen our share of “innovative” ideas over the years, and sometimes these are just fads, and it was interesting to read in one of my articles by Fullan (http://michaelfullan.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/13396072630.pdf) that some change ideas have good intentions, but fail because of the implementation.  It needs to be explicit.  Professional Learning Communities (PLC) is one of these ideas that Fullan believes has failed.  It’s just another acronym education has thrown around, but can have great effects, when implemented properly.  I, too, feel this happens more than educators want to believe or admit to.  For real change to happen, we need to be able to know explicitly what we need to accomplish and be provided the tools necessary to achieve the goal.

Change is not an easy process.  It takes time and energy, and people involved need to be onboard to forge ahead.  Marrying technology with all aspects of education is in our future, but we all need to have this mindset.

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