Tech Mentoring Update

It has been challenging to meet with my colleague with all the things that go on in spring time in schools, but we have met three times thus far, and it has been great.  I have been helping this language arts teacher utilize her MimioProjector more than just showing movies, or presenting slide show notes.  To this point, she has not utilized the interactive features of her Mimio.  She has gotten into the habit of using her laptop mouse and trackpad to control her computer as she uses the MimioProjector.  In a nutshell, she uses it as a projector.

It was a challenge to get the interactive pen to operate so I had to get the help of the district computer technician that ordered the MimioProjector for this teacher.  After some troubleshooting, it was operational and I proceeded to show her the basics of the tool bar.  I showed her how to use the pointer to move, open, close, choose, and do the many other things that a mouse could do, but with the pen (or actually her finger).  It appeared that she was not used to this type of control of her computer while not “at” her computer. There were a few times, she wanted to go to her computer to do something, but I encouraged her to stay at the whiteboard to control things.  One feature that is interesting about the MimioProjector, is that there is no on-screen keyboard!  So if you have to type anything, you need to do this at the computer.  I then showed her how to write/draw/highlight with the pen, and how she can change the color and width.  (Note:  During all this instruction, I was telling her what to do, not doing it for her.  I know I am stating “showing” her, but she is actually doing all the actions. )

I then showed her how to use MimioStudio Notebook.  Compared it to PowerPoint.  In fact, she has created many PowerPoint presentations, and it is good that she can import them to Notebook to use in an interactive presentation.  She then began to show me how she uses her slides and documents, and she practiced how she can highlight important words and phrases with the highlighter feature, and write additional words or statements.  I could tell she was getting accustomed to being interactive with the Mimio.  At the end this session, she told me she has some “homework” to work on.  She implied she has to rethink how she can present in a more interactive way with her students.  I was happy she was able to see some of the possibilities with her new, great tech device.

We will learn some more features of Notebook later, and I will try to come up with more things she can do with Google apps than just receive and edit student documents.

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