Week 8 Reflection

What strategies do you use that are related to your “moral purpose”? How do these contribute to your overall leadership?

I remember researching at one point the different types of leaders, and the one I came across that I resonated with is servant leader.  I shared this with Sara.  It seems so cliche to think of a leader as someone who is authoritative, aggressive, and can motivate people to do what they bid.  That is just one type of leader.  I think the leader who serves their employees are more effective, in my opinion.  What better way to lead than to serve the organization for its enhancement?  Especially in education where we are technically in the service of students.  How can we lead otherwise?

I appreciated the blogs of others where they discussed the importance of teaching and how it has shaped and is in alignment with their moral purpose.  It was interesting to note that I was the only one (that I read anyway) that deviated from a pure teaching moral purpose.  I have these ideals too, but I wanted to share my personal commitment to improve math education.  It probably wasn’t part of the required assignment for this week, but I was excited to find a paper that was in alignment with how I personally felt about current math education.  It is my hope that I can spread the word of the importance of this new pedagogical approach to teaching math with my limited leadership abilities.  I constantly feel that I am on a remote island and I am the ruler of my “kingdom” which is my classroom, and my students are my “subjects”.  Many times I feel isolated, and it’s not because I don’t talk with my math colleagues, we talk everyday, but we don’t share the same sort of “moral purpose”.

I asked Jule, hypothetically, if she encounters students in elementary school (her second graders) that are similar to my high school students.  I have categorized students into three groups.  One group will try hard and do the best they can.  Another will be satisfied with just passing and not put a lot of effort into school.  The last group of students don’t give a ****.  I do wonder how it is as an elementary teacher, especially early elementary.  I think that most students feel school is great and learning is awesome at this young age. (maybe I’m naive)  I wonder when it is they begin to see that school is not what they think it is.  It’s not always that wonderful class environment and learning is not always “fun”.  Some learning is down right a chore!


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