Week 10 Reflection

Explain and give examples to argue why the following statement is true or false: “Get the right people on your team, and get the wrong ones off.”

There was a lot of talk about leadership this week, and I couldn’t help but make some rather blatant comments in Sarah’s blog.  I know that leadership is important in a school, especially leadership from our building principal.  Their focus should be to develop and nurture relationships in the building among teachers, staff, and students.  Another role they have is to provide teachers with growth opportunities in teaching, basically be a resource to help them in any area they may be deficient in.  I commented that I don’t usually see this in principals in general.  I know that this focus has changed in recent years, and it takes time to adjust.  It is really important to make sure all staff are welcome to assistance on any issue or problem that is given.

I liked reading Josie’s blog where she has stated her participation in an interview process, in a business perspective.  I wondered if while we are looking for a qualified candidate, we are actually finding someone that is “right”.  And I say that this should NOT be the main drive in filling a position.  We need to look for skills that will build the whole team, and in the arena of education, people that have students first in their sights, and no other distractions.  I also made some blatant comments about hiring practices.  Sometimes, the person that gets the job is not necessarily the one with the best “resume”.  How many times do we see people get hired because of their relationship with the hiring committee or company execs, or heaven forbid the superintendent of a district.  Is this right?  I hope not, but I feel it happens more often than not.  I know hiring committees interview a set number of candidates, only to choose the one they initially wanted before interviews!  It would be illegal, and discriminatory, but how can you prove this when they can prove they had interviews and chose the best candidate. 🙂

Again, my first reaction to the answer to the statement above was False, and I hope that most people would answer false as well.  It appeared that my classmates were honest and stated they initially said true, but they were convinced otherwise, after some discussion and further reading.  It really comes down to developing relationships and only then should we be able to develop a great team to accomplish our goals.

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