Week 11 Reflection

What are my challenges and successes in implementing my unit? 

I don’t know quite what to report in this reflection that I didn’t say in my original blog posting.  It seems that I would repeat most of it.  I read others blogs about their progress and they seem to have some successes and challenges.  I suppose I didn’t report in my own blog that I will have to deal with absent students returning this week because they were at Music Fest the whole week.  I need to figure out how to get them caught up.

I commented to Chelsea that it’s challenging to have a class of one.  I think Josie has the same challenge.  I commented to her that having a large class can mask some initial problems such as kids who are not assertive enough to ask for help can clam up and not want help, and there are those that don’t want to learn and become defiant.  Obviously there are many other problems that can arise in a classroom full of students, but those are the ones that came to mind at the time.  I offered a few suggestions to Chelsea cause she asked how she can deal with a child with lots of energy.  I told her “make them mobile.  Move them, use physical activity, and try to divert attention at all times.  Keep them busy.  Sounds easy to say, but difficult to implement.  Also try music, and dance in some way.  I’ll read your blog next week to find out how things went! :-)”  I hope she can focus the child so they are receptive to learning!

I agreed with Kendra that the most cherished attribute a teacher can possess is flexibility.  I can’t think of any circumstance where things went flawless.  There always appears to be a set back, or challenge, or issue.  But we need to deal with those situations on almost a daily basis in the class.  I suppose it doesn’t help that we are doing our unit while there is State testing going on!  Well, there are many other activities that high school students participate in that will affect their schooling.  Right now our students are involved in soccer, baseball, softball, and track and field.  Every week there will be students absent for travel and games out of town.  We need to make accommodations for them to be successful.  I have yet to make this situation painless and seamless!  So many thing happen second semester that I have made a conscious choice to “speed up” learning the first three quarters of the year, so when fourth quarter happens, I can cruise at a slower pace and make sure students are not frustrated with being absent so often and being bombarded with school work!  It’s a process. 🙂


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