Week 12 Reflection

Consider your own context within your school and with your mentee. How can understanding of controlled disruption and coherence making impact your leadership of peers at this time, and at this level ?

There is no qualms about the existence of disruption and coherence making in education today, even on a daily basis.  I think I was a little aggressive when commenting to Jim about technology use in the class, specifically certain content area classes.  It appears some teachers feel there is no need to incorporate technology in the class, but it diminishes our students capabilities when they graduate high school.  They will enter a 21st century world, and it is truly sad that some students are ill-prepared to enter it because of the old-fashioned beliefs some teachers cling on to because they didn’t go through school with technology, and as some of us are aware of, we tend to to teach the same way we learned.

With all this talk of disruption and change, where we have to make coherence from it, it can be and is very challenging.  When ever change in education is discussed, I tend to get passionate.  Maybe too passionate.  I even got aggressive with Sara about graduation requirements!  Why we say we will “prepare students for the 21st century in a global economy” (like a lot of school mission statements state) when we don’t even embrace technology as a whole is ironic.  The 21st century IS mostly about technology.  How can say that we are preparing students when we are not even changing the curricular content for graduation?! (4 credits English, 3 credit Math, 2 credits Science, etc.)  We are teaching the same content as 100 years ago.  That is truly sad.

There I go again…  I need to settle down and breathe.  Change is always difficult and challenging.  With appropriate leadership, we can try to encourage others to see the possibilities of a new type of school where learning in the 21st century can occur.  I do think that the mentoring I was a part of can help, but it really stems on each individual teacher and their core beliefs about what a good academic education is for each student, and I truly hope that is involves technology as much as possible.  I can’t say I am not guilty of following a similar path, but I am bound by curricular standards, and sometimes those standards are outdated practices in a new technological world.  I hope we can all embrace technology in education and see a vision of what is technology can afford students to excel in the real world.


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