Week 12 Reflection

What evidence am I collecting for my final project – and for what purpose?

After reading Jim’s blog about this weeks collection of evidence, we seem to have common views concerning formative assessments and how we seem to “catalog” in our minds each student’s strengths and weaknesses related to math ability.  It doesn’t take much time, about the end of 1st quarter, that I have determined each of my students math ability.  Mind you, this is not because of traditional formative assessments, and evidence collecting after a unit.  I think for me, the habit I instill in students is the idea that daily assignments are to be done daily, and they need to show all work and attempt easy and more difficult problems.  I see these assignments on a daily basis.  They turn them in and I can view their work.  Is this evidence?  I suppose, but I’m not retaining this evidence for data analysis.  I think being a math teacher is a little different from other content teachers.  That being said, I think we are similar to foreign language teachers.  Math is a “language” and there needs to be daily practice, and time to learn new content.

I seem to be hearing quite a bit about the use of Kahoot.  Jule mentioned using this and I have not used this before, but I think I will try to set up an account and see if this can help students in differentiation.  I commented to her that one of the teachers at my high school uses it regularly.  I talked to him about this recently, and he uses Kahoot as a study guide.  I asked if a teacher can keep track of scores, but he mentioned that it can only keep track of the top 5 scores in a session.  I need to research this more thoroughly before making statements about what Kahoot can do and not do.

It was funny that Kendra mentioned that her students had a choice of media for their performance assessment and most students chose not to blog.  I commented that I think blogging is a little passe, but after Googling it afterward, it appears blogging is on the rise, but it didn’t state what demographics this is occurring.  I have a feeling it isn’t from the K-12 student population!  I admitted that if it weren’t for these courses at UAS, I wouldn’t blog to share. 🙂

I would like to reiterate that I am going to make a conscious effort to utilize my clickers more in my lessons in the future.  I have just tapped the surface of their ability in my unit, but through repeated use, I can fine tune their ability to provide great evidence of learning in all my classes.


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