Week 5: How will data collection ‘look’ for me? What challenges am I anticipating?


For my research project, data collection will be two-fold.  I am interested in gathering data on how my method of using technology is affecting their grade in my math class.  Daily assignments and periodical assessments will be recorded automatically in the online web resource I am using so there should be no issue with collecting data in this regard.  I have quite a few years of past data on previous math courses that I can reference and compare with to see if there is a significant difference in grade distribution.  Since I am interested in how my students view this “new” way of “doing” and “learning” math, I will need to develop and write a survey to administer to my students towards the end of the research project.  I will most likely use Google forms to do this.  My students all have Google accounts through the school so it will not be difficult to have them sign into their email account and take the survey.  Data collection will be automatic and compiled in a nice spreadsheet.  The challenge will be to analyze the written responses, ranking data, and multiple choice responses to a cohesive summary of how my students feel and view my method of using technology in math class this year.  I have not written the survey at this moment, but I will take time to review how other researchers have developed survey questions to address feeling about a topic that is similar to my project. This will be the first time I will have gathered this type of data and try to analyze it.  I have some knowledge of statistics, so it should not pose a big obstacle.  I am confident that I can analyze the two types of data I am collecting.

This year is the first time I am making a significant change in my math courses through use of technology and I have to say that I don’t know what to expect.  I have read research where the impact has been positive, negative, and no significant difference.  It will be interesting to see how this year will progress.  I am truly trying to have a “paperless” math class and it’s exciting.  I have pondered this type of setting in my math class for some time now.  I have some reservations of how I will be affecting my students, but I am hopeful that what I am doing will have a positive impact and increase achievement and motivation.


One thought on “Week 5: How will data collection ‘look’ for me? What challenges am I anticipating?

  1. Completely paperless? Wow! I am impressed with this. I can’t even fathom what this would look like in my classroom. I can’t wait to see the data that you find so that I can look at whether it has worked in a positive manner or not. Don’t forget that with qualitative data we can just give what the students have said and this would be the data. Interpreting the data seems to be the difficult part, right? Great proposal of your action research.


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